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Mmm Yo-Chi. I love this place, and for good reason: with an abundance of froyo flavours (think berry, chocolate, chai and honey-soy), and an even greater array of toppings (halva, crumble, and popping pearls), it’s a bit of an interactive affair - line up, lever your froyo into a paper cup, and top it as crazily (or as minutely) as you want.

DSC03284 DSC03285

Coconut and honey soy bean froyo with passionfruit and halva

We go simple – just a dollop of coconut and honey soy bean froyo with passionfruit and a sprinkle of crumbly halva. The coconut froyo at Yo-Chi has always been my fave (and continues to be) – it’s gorgeously smooth and rich in flavour, but still retains a fresh lightness that makes it oh so good.

Nothing else quite compares.

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