Three Bags Full

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Three Bags Full
Location: 60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
Contact: 03 9421 2732

Down a tranquil street off Richmond’s main drag, Three Bags Full is fairly innocuous from the outside. Housed in Nicholson Street, the expansive cafe could easily be mistaken for just another urban building awaiting transformation. However, once you step inside, the vibrant, bustling interior and the sound of happy eaters nomming away let you know that you’ve found something truly special.

Famous for its adventurous breakfast and lunch menu, Three Bags Full offers a host of generously-portioned eats & jam-packed juices. However, whilst it may be the food that’s drawing your attention here, you’ll definitely stay for the range of coffee blends available – there’s the regular house blend, as well as a host of filter options.

IMG_3804 IMG_3801

Latte ($3.5)


Mixed berry smoothie (dairy free) ($6)

The house blend is great; more bitter than Hardware Societe, though still thoroughly enjoyed. The mixed berry smoothie is absolutely huge, and packed full with sweet berry goodness. I will say though, that it is a little difficult to drink using a straw (it’s very thick!) & after 5 minutes of trying to sip away I had already given up & started drinking straight from the glass.


Green eggs and ham ($15.5)

J loves his green eggs and ham – it’s a generous portion of herby scrambled eggs that’s been laced with a handful of crushed peas. Topped off with a thick cut of grilled egg ham and salted ricotta on toast, it’s a beautifully-seasoned brekkie & a substantial one at that. J mentioned that he enjoyed it more than his scrambled eggs at Hardware Societe, though I am not sure if this is due to being hungrier than usual.


Green eggs and ham ($15.5)


Vanilla, coconut and lime rice pudding ($13.5)

The rice pudding is quite possibly the prettiest brekkie I have ever had, with soft pillows of smooth pudding topped with coconut and lashings of dried cranberries, pistachios and pomegranate. A sliced poached pear sits on top; and whilst not too sweet it easily falls apart with a spoon. Whilst I wasn’t blown away by the flavour (and I don’t know if this is purely because I generally am not a huge fan of lemony/lime-flavoured things), it was still tasty & the pistachios added a yummy crunch to the pudding.


Vanilla, coconut and lime rice pudding ($13.5)

I stepped out of Three Bags Full content & ready to take on the day with full force – which is quite a feat in itself because the weather was so temperamental that entire day (raining in spring – really Melbourne?). I’ll definitely be back, and can’t wait to try the rest of their menu!

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