Thaila Thai

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Thaila Thai
Location: 82 Lygon St, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
Contact: 03 9387 0659

One of Melbourne’s most loved eateries for home-style Thai cuisine, Thaila Thai offers simplicity, affordability and efficient service in an informal atmosphere that abandons pretence.

The expanse that is Thaila Thai is massive, with its tables spanning over two floors and the restaurant easily filling up on a busy Friday night. We get in a little earlier when Thaila Thai is sporting a quieter atmosphere, though that quickly changes and by 7pm the top floor echoes with the vibrant chatter of ravenous diners.

IMG_3843 The Thaila Thai menu is short and sweet – there’s a range of appetisers on offer (think delectable satay skewers, spring rolls and roti), whilst the main fare encompasses your stock standard noodle dishes, curries and stir fries. Prices are very, very cheap given the quality and portion sizes, and you are guaranteed to walk out absolutely full.


Roti with peanut sauce ($5.5)

Whilst we ordered the roti with peanut sauce as our appetiser, there was a small mix up with the dishes and this one ended up coming out last (after we had eaten our mains). Nevertheless, the roti was delightfully chewy with the peanut sauce accompaniment smooth & amply nutty.


Beef stir fry with oyster sauce ($14)

I really enjoyed the stir fry – for $14 out came a huge plate of moreish slices of beef, zucchini, broccoli stalks, cabbage, celery and carrot. Not feeling like anything spicy that day, we opted for the oyster sauce, which provided a great sweet & sour, earthy coating to the crispness of the vegetables.


Beef stir fry with oyster sauce ($14)


Chicken green curry ($14)

The flavour of the chicken green curry was a little too subtle for my liking, with the coconut cream barely noticeable and a faint hint of heat. Nevertheless, it went well with the bowls of fragrant coconut rice that we ordered.


Chicken green curry ($14)

Thaila Thai is definitely fantastic value for money (given the portion sizes we did not finish either of our mains), and it’s a place that I’d highly recommend to friends on the lookout for a meal that’s guaranteed to leave the hungriest of bellies sated.

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