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Shira Nui
Location: 247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley, VIC
Contact: 03 9886 7755

We’re not quite sure what we feel about Shira Nui, mainly because the service, when we attended, was appalling. We had essentially been told that we were required to spend approximately $80 per head and would not be allowed to order from the a la carte menu, which we found quite strange given that we had never suggested that we wanted the set menu and also because there were other diners that we could see who were ordering off the a la carte menu.

Thankfully, after that incident, the waiter who looked after us from that point onwards (Tom) was stellar – he was incredibly helpful and took care to actually make sure that we left on a good note.


Complimentary starter – fried fish with pickled onions and capsicum


Sashimi moriawase (main) 

As for the food, I absolutely enjoyed Shira Nui’s sashimi moriawase – a mixed selection of raw fish. The kingfish and salmon sashimi were without doubt the stand outs – vibrant, fresh and plump cuts of fish that almost melted in the mouth. None of that sinewy toughness and quite on par with that delivered at Kenzan in the CBD.


Sashimi moriawase (main) 


Sashimi moriawase (main) 


Sashimi moriawase (main) 


Sashimi moriawase (main) 


Miso sea perch

The miso grill was another highlight – a thick cut of sea perch that had been marinated in miso and sake, then grilled to perfection. The noodles sitting underneath, however, were too soft; almost soggy. But the sea perch itself was gorgeously tender and crispy on the outside, with the sake and miso giving it a punchy flavour having soaked right through.


Miso sea perch


Miso sea perch


Shabu shabu salad ($18)

The shabu shabu salad was fresh, though quite a standard salad, and there was a very limited amount of noodles in the dish.


Shabu shabu salad ($18)


Black sesame creme brulee ($12.5)

On recommendation of Tom, we also ordered the black sesame creme brulee (substituting the vanilla ice cream for green tea at an extra $0.5).  The creme brulee was delicious – the burnt brittle cracked easily beneath the spoon, giving way to the smoothest, earthiest black sesame custard below. The cubes of green tea ice cream were smooth as ever and a perfect way to end a light meal.


Black sesame creme brulee ($12.5)


Black sesame creme brulee ($12.5)

Whilst I did enjoy the food itself at Shira Nui, I can’t say that my experience there would draw me back anytime soon. The main issue was obviously the service, which I do hope was a one off incident which we unfortunately had to experience that night. To be fair, we have heard of other instances where friends have attended Shira Nui and not had any such issues.

We stress again that all of the reviews featured on The Food Society are reflections of our writers’ personal experiences at the time of the visit.

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  • Lily


    Agree, owner not that polite and very strict. I like ordering omakase but it is very expansive.


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