Shanghai Street Dumpling

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Shanghai Street was on my radar this week.

It’s an absolutely teeny store that is, more often than not, accompanied by a ridiculously long trail of customers that runs out the door and on to Little Bourke. This night was no exception, with a wait of about 20 minutes for a table. With a line like that all the way until the later dining hours of the night, you know that you’re in for a good eat.


IMG_3235 Boiled pork dumplings

Dumplings are cheap, come steamed or fried and reach your table mere moments after you order (and if it’s busy enough, they’ll take your order whilst you’re in the line outside). The fillings here are soupy and flavoursome – and with such a high turnover rate, ridiculously addictive. I also adore their pan fried pork buns, though we didn’t order them that day.

IMG_3237 Boiled pork dumplings

IMG_3239 Xiao long bao ($9.80)

IMG_3238 Xiao Long bao ($9.80)

The XLBs are huge here – they’re notably not as delicate as their HuTong counterparts (see our review here), though I like them just as much – they’ve managed to pack a lot of soup in these packages; they’re absolutely delicious. A word of caution though – they’re hot!

IMG_3233 Incredibly light on the pocket, Shanghai Street is no-frills at its best.

With a large plate of dumplings under $10, Shanghai Street’s resounding popularity lies in its quick service, cheerful food, and forever-bustling setting. A buzzing atmosphere for good takeaway service and small group gatherings, Shanghai Street’s location makes it the perfect precursor to a night out or a quick meal on the go.

Shanghai Street Dumpling
342 Little Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC

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