Shandong Mama

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Shandong Mama
Location: Shop 7, 200 Bourke St Melbourne, VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9650 3818 – no bookings policy

Shandong Mama, located in the blinkoryou’llmissit Mid City Arcade off Bourke Street, serves up moreish dumplings and then some with a twist.

The owner, Meiyan Wang (Mama) hails from a small fishing village in the Shandong Peninsula, and has lovingly created a unique offering of mackerel dumplings at Shandong Mama. Having heard rave reviews of the dumplings served up here, we were well and truly due for a visit.

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Pan fried mackerel dumplings ($14.8 for 10 pieces)

We had thought that the pan fried mackerel dumplings might be a little too fishy, but one bite and those concerns immediately washed away. The purse skin was golden brown and crispy on the outside, giving way to a plump, pillowy yet springy filling of mackerel, ginger, chives and coriander. They had just come out of the kitchen too, and were piping hot; delish. Definitely the highlight at Shandong Mama, and it’s understandable why people keep coming back for more.


Pan fried mackerel dumplings ($14.8 for 10 pieces)


Pan fried pork dumplings ($10.8 for 10 pieces)

Unlike the mackerel version, the pork dumplings had been pan fried unevenly and came out of the kitchen lukewarm. The filling didn’t quite hit the spot for us, and we both agreed that it tasted less like pork and more like shrimp.


Pan fried pork dumplings ($10.8 for 10 pieces)


Iced honey and lemon tea

The honey and lemon tea was a good fix for a thirsty throat; not too sweet or sour.

Whilst we still prefer the dumplings at Shanghai Street Dumpling and HuTong Dumpling Bar (both are also located in the CBD), Shandong Mama definitely offers an alternative style with its open purse dumplings and its more unique fish offerings.

There is also a host of other items available (rice and noodle dishes and delectable appetisers) which we’ll be sure to give a go the next time we visit.

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