Seven Seeds

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Seven Seeds’s façade is an unassuming wall of grey brick, with the cherry-red sign splashed right across the front.

Inside, the cafe encompasses much of an industrial feel, with timber features and floors, banquet-style seating, metal bike racks and huge windows, which bathe the warehouse-esque café in sunshine.


Long black ($4.50)

The house blend is reliably good, and can be purchased by the bag from the Seven Seeds store. For bean geeks, Seven Seeds houses the roastery where the coffee is produced, and sources their beans from across the world – a sure sign that you’re in good hands. The long blacks here are served with a shot of soda water – a beautiful touch that is quite an uncommon sight in coffee houses. IMG_3847

Granola ($9)

The granola, with labna and preserved berries is simple, and comes with a small bottle of full cream milk which I promptly pour into the bowl. It is, however, sickly sweet – with the berries not being fresh produce, it’s a little difficult to eat. It would have been good to have had a handful of fresh berries or other fruit on hand, though I believe that this is only included in their summer menu.


Special of baked eggs with mushrooms and buttered sourdough

The special was a gorgeous rendition of baked eggs – two delightful, ever so runny eggs on top of a tasty bed of vegetables, and served in the cutest ceramic pot with a thick slice of buttered sourdough – absolute bliss. My brunch buddy exclaimed that it was the best breakfast that they had had at Seven Seeds in a long time.

IMG_3849 With such a beautiful, reliable house blend and a hip fit-out, Seven Seeds is the perfect stop for a quick brunch, something sweet, and one of Melbourne’s best coffees. I feel quite lucky Seven Seeds is located so close to university – a privilege that I have every intention of taking advantage of for years to come.

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