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A Hawthorn stalwart and producer of the most satisfying (and value for money) green tea milkshake that Melbourne has to offer, Samurai is a roaring Japanese restaurant wedged in the middle of the bustling Glenferrie Road.

The dinner set will set you back $16 (soup + entrée + main + drink/$1 extra if you decide to order a milkshake) but will provide you with a gigantic opportunity to taste a number of dishes on the menu and can be comfortably shared between two.

Photo 1-08-13 7 34 19 PM

Chicken noodle soup

The chicken noodle soup is a piping hot bowl of egg noodles, shredded chicken, carrot and spring onion in a tasty broth. It’s heart-warming, and preferred in comparison to the miso here. Photo 1-08-13 7 35 03 PM


The takoyaki is crispy on the outside, with a creamy filling and chunks of octopus. It comes smothered in sweet kewpie mayonnaise and BBQ sauce – yum. Photo 1-08-13 7 34 16 PM

Agedashi tofu

The agedashi tofu is a little bit too soggy (there is way too much broth here), and a little cold. Not particularly a fan; give this one a miss. Photo 1-08-13 7 44 13 PM

Chicken katsudon

The chicken katsudon is a comforting blend of crunchy fried chicken in a tasty batter, a thick egg and onion sauce, and a bed of fluffy rice. It’s understandably a favourite (along with the katsu curry don) at Samurai, and for good reason – 3 years since my last visit, and it’s still reliably good. Photo 1-08-13 7 36 54 PM

Green tea milkshake

In a large plastic cup, that green tea milkshake is quite possibly the thickest milkshake that you’ll ever lay eyes on (it’s practically green tea icecream in a cup), but that’s what I love about it – it’s a concentrated hit of matcha goodness. Leave it to rest a little bit and the icecream will become a little runnier; just perfect. I left Samurai absolutely satiated from a gigantic feast. This little hotspot has been around for a very, very long time, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s a definite keeper.

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