Saint Peters Trattoria

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Saint Peters is well hidden down a rather dimly-lit lane off Russell Street; if you don’t slow down your stride, there’s a good chance you’ll miss it. Marked by a series of wall arts and a bright neon blue sign, graffitied sailors and pirates greet you at the door.





Duck gnocchi

Loved the flavour of that duck gnocchi; beautiful, pillowy mounds that melted in the mouth. However the serving size was admittedly quite small; a friend had dined on another occasion and received a bigger serve.


Blade beef

The blade beef was soft and tender, falling apart when cut and accompanied by a smooth, buttery mash.


Crispy Skin Salmon

The salmon was well-cooked, with the strip of fish tender and the skin perfectly crispy. I particularly liked the pumpkin puree, with its sweetness offsetting the saltiness of the fish.

Saint Peters does simple Italian fare well, however the serving sizes seem inconsistent at times and the service a bit of a hit and miss. It will be interesting to see how Saint Peters fares against others in the city given the intense competition in the area, though if you’re looking for classic food this is the spot.

Saint Peters Trattoria
6 Melbourne Place
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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