Ramen Ya

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I like Ramen Ya.

It’s a popular little lunch spot that’s hidden down the tight laneway that hugs the border of GPO, and is particularly well known for serving up piping hot bowls of ramen and cheap bento boxes.


 Charshu Ramen with Tonkotsu Soup ($10, or $15 with tea and gyoza)

Served with thinly sliced marinated pork, boiled egg, seaweed, beanshoots, fishcake, and those chewy, bouncy noodles, the Charshu ramen with Tonkotsu soup base was both heart warming and delicious. IMG_2897_副本


The plump gyoza dumplings, pan fried and in a set of three, were perfectly cooked but bordered blandness. We probably could have done without it. IMG_2892_副本

Hot Japanese tea

If you’re on the look out for a quick lunch spot, Ramen Ya can be located in GPO or Bourke Street (a mirror image serving up the same soupy goodness).

I’m tempted to return – if not for the ramen, then to try those little bento boxes.

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