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A cozy restaurant nestled at the end of Russell Street, PM24 has already cemented itself as one of the finest French restaurants in Melbourne.

We headed here on a quiet Friday afternoon to celebrate the end of our busy season, courtesy of our generous partner. Seated at a long table by the window, service was prompt and drinks began flowing almost immediately. While I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the drinks menu, the offering of wine, beers and spirits was quite extensive. Starting off with an apertif and moving on to free flowing beer, wine and spirits, we were in for a big afternoon.

2013-06-28 14.35.18

Country Terrine, sourdough, onion jam ($45 for three courses)

From the smiles mirrored across the table, it was evident that everyone was content with their choices. My friend commented that the terrine was just like the one his grandma use to make; a dish which made him reminisce of younger years. While the jam was slightly overbearing, the sourdough was extremely fresh and combined with the terrine it was an instant hit.

2013-06-28 14.32.23 Salmon Gravlax, beetroot, horseradish cream ($45 for three courses)

Definitely the highlight of the meal for me. The beetroot and horseradish cream combined to provide a mind blowing salmon sensation, making it one of the best dishes I have ever had. Really unique and fresh.

2013-06-28 15.17.34 Sirloin Steak, Pommes Frites, Beef Jus ($45 for three courses)

Presentation was very ordinary, however the steak was cooked perfectly so there weren’t any complaints from anyone. However, there was a slight oversight with one less Pommes Frites being brought out to the table. This was quickly rectified and to the excitement of the the table an extra one was brought out in apology.

2013-06-28 15.59.53 Apple Crumble Tart, Crème Chantilly ($45 for three courses)

By this time, most of us were pretty stuffed having filled ourselves with both good food and drinks. The tart may not have been other-worldly, but the ice cream was extremely smooth and creamy, while the apple crumble (still warm) added a nice texture. It was a fitting end to a great meal with the team.

2013-06-28 15.59.18Selection of Local and Imported Cheese ($45 for three courses)

Not the biggest fan of cheese myself, my friend commented that he wished that he had opted for the apple crumble, however while it wasn’t a stand-out it definitely wasn’t a disappointment.

PM24 is definitely a special treat for those seeking to impress. With candles and dim lighting setting the mood for an intimate dinner, this popular restaurant will always remain highly recommended for special dates. It may not have the fanciest presentation, but it is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for fresh, wholesome and authentic French food.

24 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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