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With a string of five outlets peppered across Melbourne, the PappaRich line is a chain that originated in Malaysia in 2005, and which has expanded across Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Australia.


Hot Lemon and Honey Tea ($3.50)

The menu boasts a sprawling list of drink concoctions for all measures. The hot lemon and honey tea is a refreshingly sweet drink that soothes the sorest of throats, whilst the hot teh tarik is a malty, pulled milk tea which reminds me of the outdoor stalls that line the streets of South East Asia. IMG_3147

Hot Teh Tarik ($3.50)


Black sesame icecream ($1.80)

The black and green tea icecreams are smooth and creamy, and reasonably priced ($1.80 a scoop). I prefer the latter; the black sesame paste used tastes a little odd, and not as nutty as other variants I have tried. IMG_3148

Green tea icecream ($1.80)


Roti Bom ($6.90)

The roti bom is a winner – crunchy, crispy roti dusted with icing sugar and accompanied by a dollop of condensed milk. Whilst it was a little too doughy on the inside, it was extremely addictive.If you’re into sweet roti, Mamak also does a good take on Roti Kaya.

For a restaurant franchise, PappaRich is as good as it gets – ordering is a systematic affair (write down your dishes on a paper slip and buzz the waiter), the space is clean, and the food is delivered speedily. In the absence of true hawker stalls in Melbourne, sometimes that sort of efficiency is all you’re looking for on a late weekday night.

Level 2, shop 11, Qv Square, 210 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC

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