Naked for Satan and Brother Baba Budan

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If you’re ready to be swept away by a reincarnation of the staple bars of Spain which serve up a storm of drinks alongside bite-sized tapas, a visit to Naked for Satan’s a must. I venture here on a weeknight to whittle the evening away with a delicious selection of pintxos.

IMG_3361 The interior itself is quite stunning, with high ceilings, rows of alcohol stacked to the top, and brassy, old distillation equipment featuring as the center piece at the entrance. Pretty chandelier-like lights hang from the ceiling, adding to the dimly-lit and relaxed atmosphere. IMG_3368 IMG_3374 IMG_3378 Foodwise, Naked for Satan offers both pintxos and more substantial meals (located upstairs). The pintxos are cheap (only $1 on weeknights), and are the perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Eating on ground level is a self-service affair: the pintxos are located at the bar on large plates – grab a plate, grab a couple of pintxos, and keep your toothpicks. When you’re done, bring your toothpicks to the bartender and pay. Easy! IMG_3363

Chorizo croquette (tortilla and tuna in the background)

My favourite handsdown is the chorizo croquette – the filling is so smooth and creamy, with sparks of chorizo strewn throughout. Could have happily eaten this one alone and not touched the rest. IMG_3365

Bacon and potato, tortilla with aioli

Whilst I wasn’t particularly a fan of the bacon pintxo, the tortilla was another winner. Tasting like quiche and with slices of onion throughout, it was both filling and tasty. IMG_3377

Spicy lamb meatballs

I also loved the meatball – served hot out of the kitchen, it wasn’t actually spicy but the lamb itself was tender with a delicious tomato sauce. IMG_3369

Cauliflower, Manouri Cheese & Garlic Prawn

The rest weren’t particularly special, and in fact quite bland. Actually, I believe that the ‘hot’ pintxos (i.e. those that the waiter/waitress brings out while you’re dining) substantially outperform the ‘cold’ pintxos (those that are already located on the counter). It’s worth only taking a few cold ones from the counter and then waiting for the freshly made ones to come out. IMG_3364

Chorizo with cream cheese and green chilli, smoked salmon

IMG_3366 For a quick dinner, Naked for Satan was cheap – between two, it came to about $10, and I was completely stuffed by the end of it.

I’d love to come back another day and try Naked in the Sky, which is located on the partially covered rooftop above.

Naked for Satan
Location: 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: 03 9416 2238

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I also made it to Brother Baba Budan in the CBD for a quick coffee. Brother Baba Budan is a tiny coffee joint in Little Bourke Street, which has a roaring trade of city dwellers and workers alike. Photo 27-08-13 12 17 09 PM Photo 27-08-13 12 14 20 PM

Latte ($4)

Focusing solely on delivering coffee, the joint serves up the same roast as Seven Seeds, though without the difficulty of having to travel all the way up to the main joint near Melbourne University.

It’s quick service with a quirky fit out, and the same, delicious coffee.

Brother Baba Budan
Location: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC
Contact: (03) 9606 0449
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 7am-5pm ; Sunday: 9am-5pm

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