Mister Close

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Mister Close
Location: 246 Bourke Street, Midtown Plaza Melbourne 3000
Contact: 9654 7778
Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 7am to 4pm, Sat  – 9am to 4pm, Sun – 10am to 4pm

I was rather surprised to bump into Mister Close on my way to work.

The moustache-donning fixture, with his stripey black tie and glasses, is located right in the middle of an otherwise run-of-the-mill shopping centre called Midtown Plaza; a plaza that’s more commonly known for cheap Asian takeaway spots and sushi lunches. While the more heavily-trodden entrance to the plaza is off Bourke Street, Mister Close is more easily accessible through the corridor laneway off Swanston Street (near the intersection with Bourke). It’s a cute little spot that manages to hit the spot in terms of long quality brunches and good coffees.

IMG_3419 IMG_3420 For its location, Mister Close does a good job of making you feel as though you’ve stepped into another cafe – it’s decked out in floor-to-ceiling wooden panels, blackboards displaying daily specials, cute and quirky artworks and aged bottles of fresh flowers on each table.

Replete with piles of books, newspapers and magazines, benches and high tabletops, Mister Close  manages to exude a sense of charm and intimacy that is a warm welcome from the madness of the morning rush.

IMG_3424 IMG_3426

Breakfast frittata ($15.50)

My breakfast frittata is a fluffy, eggy pan of thick chorizo, chunks of potato, and a bright orange romesco sauce. Whilst the usual frittata comes with toast, Mister Close will happily substitute the toast for a fresh salad (which I quickly take advantage of).

Whilst the frittata itself isn’t anything to rave about, the romesco sauce is a bit of a saviour – it’s positively vibrant and rich in flavour, with the sweetness of the peppers adding a much-needed kick to dish.


Breakfast frittata ($15.50)

The chunks of potato and sliced chorizo add a warmth to the dish; probably the kind of brekkie that’s best suited on a cold day.


Toast (Dench Bakery’s Sourdough grain) with blood orange marmalade ($6)

E goes for the slices of dench toast with a blood orange marmalade and butter accompaniment; something very simple but you can’t really go wrong here.


Toast (Dench Bakery’s Sourdough grain) with blood orange marmalade ($6)


Long black with hot milk ($4)

Whilst I didn’t try the coffee, I am assured by E that her long black is spot on. The blend is Campos (an Australian brand) and the coffee is sourced straight from coffee growers – that’s some serious coffee!

IMG_3424 With an extensive brekkie menu, a range of gorgeous sweet treats and an even more enticing lunch menu to go, Mister Close offers reasonably-priced brekkie fare smack bang in the middle of two of the busiest streets in the CBD.

Not bad for a moustache-growing, glasses-donning Mister that, despite an otherwise ordinary area, manages to exude that sort of cool cat charm that’ll keep you coming back for more.

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