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From the extra cheesy mac and cheese bites to the one of their hearty burgers, Merrywell has offers and impressive array of greasy American fare.


K.F. Club Sam-Wich ($15) 

The K.F. Club Sam-Wich was a deviation from my staple choice of the Merrywell burger. While the chicken was tender and the salad fresh, I found the bun a bit cold and the presentation lacking. It was nowhere near as filling as I had hoped, and without a side of fries this Sam-wich fails to satisfy.


The Merrywell Burger ($22)

The perfect patty, or so observed one of the Merrywell waitresses, is a patty that is charred to a bittersweet caramel across the face, broiled on the edges and pink in the center. She may have been waxing quite lyrical for a waitress, but such is the upbeat vibe at this hip riverside joint. It was however, an accurate slice of reality, as with a Merrywell patty, a crisp shell gives away to a perfectly flavoured chewy morsel of prime beef, covered with lashings of gooey american cheese, silky sauces and eye-popping spice. 


Chopped salad $(17)

The chopped salad was exactly as the name suggests; a little underwhelming, the various vegetables had been chopped and placed into a bowl. They also seem to forget to mix the vegetables or break up the cheese. My friend commented that while she was hoping for a healthier alternative, the salad was near impossible to eat without the not so healthy dressing.

Merrywell has always been a regular restaurant for those hungry souls looking for an all-American feast and a few drinks. With reliable burgers and tasty tapas, it’ll no doubt continue to capitalise on the popularity it enjoys on the riverside.

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