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Mario’s Cafe is all about keeping things uncomplicated.

That means full-cream milk coffees, a breakfast menu that’s available all day round, and the option of intimate, white-clothed tables or the cute window bar at the front. The menu is simple, but that’s what makes it work – distinctive and simply Italian, Mario’s Cafe’s menu only subtly evolves as time passes, keeping its roots. The decor is simple and relaxed, with walls lined with posters and articles alike.

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Rocking up just before 8am, it is one of only a handful of cafes open on Brunswick Street. Relatively popular with the morning crowd, a number of individuals are already seated on the tables lining the bustling street outside and perched atop the high chairs of the window bar.

2013-07-16 08.11.42 Latte and peppermint tea

Coffees are aromatic and creamy here – with no skim milk option, the latte comes out gorgeously full bodied and with the simplest of coffee arts. To our disappointment, the peppermint tea is simply a Twinings tea bag thrown in hot water. People come here for the coffee, and not the tea, it seems.

2013-07-16 08.18.25 Poached eggs on soughdough ($8.50) with smoked salmon ($4.50)

Following our infatuation with smoked salmon (see our post on The Salmon Shop here –, the poached eggs on toast is ordered with a mound of fleshy, pink salmon on top. The sourdough bread is toasted, with the edges crispy and the inside still chewy. With 2 accompanying and perfectly runny poached eggs, the breakfast is a fresh and simple classic at a good price.

2013-07-16 08.20.07 Offering reasonably priced, unpretentious fare, Mario’s Cafe keeps things beautifully basic. A little bit of a character, with relaxed but waist-coated service and that large, beckoning, neon-red sign, there’s nothing lavish about the food or interior here.

You come here for simple Italian food – food that will be just as reliably simple from the last time you visit it to the next.

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