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Location: Level 1, 11 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9650 3821 (no bookings)

Offering tacos and tequila 7 days a week, Mamasita is one of those CBD staples that still manages to boast dangerously long queues and a solid following that, three years on, doesn’t seem to falter. Though it’s a little quieter on the earlier days of the week, on a Monday night it’s still quite a noisy place, with the tables placed quite snugly together and the sangria flowing by the jug.


IMG_3613 Elotes callejeros (v) ($4.9)

A visit to Mamasita wouldn’t be complete without ordering the fan fave ‘street style’ char-grilled corn – doused in queso, chipotle mayo and lime, it’s a simple tapas dish that’s served on a stick. The corn is ever so sweet and is complemented well by a kick of chipotle mayo.


Tostaditas de Carnitas ($14)


Tostaditas de Carnitas ($14)

Our favourite for the night is the tostaditas de carnitas. It’s a little pricey at 4 for $14, but the slow braised pork shoulder shredded over the top is gorgeously tender and packed with flavour and pickled jalapenos. It’s a little messy to eat (I don’t think that I could fit this one in one bite!) but absolutely delicious.


Plátanos Machos ($7)


Plátanos Machos ($7)

I’d never tried the fried plantains before, but boy; they were good! Served with the same gorgeous salsa that accompanies the tacos, they were super thin and crunchy and complemented well by a generous sprinkle of delicious cheese.


Tacos ($6 ea)


Taco salsa


Taco de Lengua y Cachete ($6)

It may seem odd but we’ve never been fans of Mamasita’s tacos. We ordered these two thinking that we’d give them another go but unfortunately I still remain unconvinced and find them both to be lacking in depth and flavour. The taco de lengua y cachete is served with pickled veg, ghost chilli and mayo, braised ox tongue and cheek. The ox tongue itself is crispy and chewy in the right areas, though the ghost chilli mayo was almost absent and the dish would’ve been quite bland if it weren’t for the serving of salsa on the side.


Taco de Pescado ($6)

The grilled fish taco was better, with a more generous serving of meat with lime, achiote paste, red onion salsa & chipotle mayo. I found the taco shells to be quite dry and almost rough, and ultimately a little unpleasant to eat.

IMG_3610 For a light dinner and decent, reliable food, I was pleasantly surprised to find the bill for Mamasita to come out at around $40. Whilst I’d give those tacos a miss for good on my next visit, I’d definitely order those tostaditas again in a heartbeat. Though perhaps only on Monday nights when I know for sure that I won’t have to come to terms with the line that goes out from the 1st floor right onto the street on busier nights.

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