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One step into Maedaya and it’s almost as if you’ve been transported into the interior of a olden pirate ship – the sake bar is laced with wooden features, whilst long ropes line the pointed ceiling. The bandana-wearing staff briskly drift throughout the two main dining areas, greeting customers and pouring alcoholic beverages from the rather mind-boggling array of drinks lining the back bar.

Photo 8-08-13 9 06 03 PM Maedaya has made the ordering aspect of dining fun, with ipads enabling you to view pictures of every item available on the menu (this includes beers and the like – hell, they even have a picture of tap water). Tap on the image, confirm your order, and the wait staff are with you promptly. It’s absolute genius.

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Chicken tsukune and unagi

Click on those skewers and you can see the chef at the front grilling them to order. The tsukune meatballs are dainty, marinated in a sweet yakitori sauce. The unagi is also tasty, though the little bones are a little unpleasant sliding down the throat. Photo 8-08-13 9 10 16 PM

Chicken drumstick with gyoza filling ($5)

The chicken drum is crispy and crunchy on the outside, with a hearty, plump pork gyoza encased within. Drumstick inception? Damn right.   Photo 8-08-13 9 12 45 PM

Fried mackeral ($7.50)

The fried mackeral is accompanied by two sauces – a thick sweet sauce and a huge dollop of creamy tartare. With a crisp, crumbly batter over thin slices of fish, it reminds us of fish and chips by the beach.

Photo 8-08-13 9 33 46 PM

Fried crab claw balls ($5.50)

We ordered this one purely out of curiosity, neither of us having tried anything remotely like this before. They were absolutely huge – a crunchy outer casing gave way to a generous mound of piping hot shredded crab meat within. This was all, of course, wrapped around a crab claw which acted as somewhat of a toothpick/fork. Accompanied by both a sweet chilli sauce and kewpie mayo, it was both hearty and tasty, and we struggled to finish the last one.

Photo 8-08-13 9 20 11 PM

Beef udon ($11)

The udon noodles were heartwarming – swimming in a sweet, flavoursome broth, the bouncy and thick udon noodles were accompanied by lashings of thinly sliced beef and spring onion on top. For $11 it was quite and the other larger dishes are similarly priced.

Maedaya is utterly charming – and with perfect service, sake tastings, and great, reasonably-priced food to boot, it’s not hard to see why.

398 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC

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