Little Creatures Dining Hall

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Little Creatures Dining Hall
Location: 222 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
Contact: 03 9417 5500 (no bookings policy)

Only a glossy door divides the bustle of Brunswick Street from the expanse that is Little Creatures Dining Hall.

The home of the Victorian brewery opens up to a humongous, informal concrete dining hall that buzzes with activity on the earlier days of the week and quickly becomes deafening from Thursdays to the weekend. The decor is simple, yet has a toned down Innocent Bystander-esque feel to it, with dark green lamps hanging from above and large wooden tables sprawled throughout. There’s every little creatures brew on sight here, with the blend a staple in the Australian beer market since 2001.

From our last visit, Little Creatures appears to have pared back their menu to a much more informal tapas-style offering, with pizzas being the dominant theme.

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Phoenix organic cranberry and lime ($4.5); summer snow apple juice ($4.5)


Fresh cut chips, garlic aioli ($9)

What has stayed on the menu, however, are these fresh cut chips – and thank goodness, because they’re every bit scrumptious. A huge serving and the perfect sharing dish over drinks, they go down well with a generous dip of that creamy aioli.


Cheese and bacon croquettes ($12.5)

The croquettes came with that golden brown shell on the outside, and a strong bacon flavour within, with chunks of bacon dotted throughout. It comes with four at $12.5, and one per person is definitely enough.


Cheese & bacon croquettes ($12.5)


Spiced meatball, tomato, oregano, mozzarella ($23)


Spiced meatball, tomato, oregano, mozzarella ($23)

The pizza base was fluffy and crisp, thin and with a hearty lathering of stringy mozzarella and juicy tomatoes on top. The meatballs themselves, however, were dry and a little crumbly, not jelling well with the rest of the ingredients.

We’re keen on trying that buffalo mozzarella contender though, which is sure to go down a treat alongside those chips.

Wash it all down with a bottle of pale ale, and you’re good to go.

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