HuTong Dumpling Bar

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Restaurant chains typically invite scepticism, but they are known for their consistency in food and service. And at HuTong CBD, this translates to reliably high-quality xiao long bao with pleasant and efficient service staff toting walkie talkies.


Xiao Long Bao ($11.8 for 8)

I adore the XLB here – they’re plump packets of pork and hot soup encased within a translucent dumpling skin. Be careful – the soup inside these are ridiculously hot; bite a bit off the top and draw a bit out or you may end up with XLB innards all over yourself.


Xiao Long Bao ($11.8 for 8)


Pan-fried dumplings ($13.20 for 8)

The pan-fried pork dumplings are done a little differently here from the usual dumpling fare – they’ve been panfried atop a crispy base that you break in to to eat each dumpling. They’re chewy (in a good way) with the same tasty filling inside; addictive.


Steamed garlic and chive dumplings with prawn ($8 for 4)

This is one of my friend’s faves – gorgeous, chunky bites of prawn within a sticky, translucent dumpling skin (same as that used with har gao). They’re on the pricier side at $8 for four, but they’re a great addition and absolutely delectable.

I don’t usually order non-dumpling dishes at HuTong (I was serious when I said I had a bit of an infatuation with dumplings), though they do also offer an extensive range of traditional Chinese dishes and signature dishes from various provinces which both sound and look tasty. With so much variety and a pretty dining area that is beautifully decorated with ornate oriental furniture, it’s not hard to see why HuTong still enjoys so much popularity to this day.

I’m yet to find another place in Melbourne that is able to out-do HuTong in the XLB department, and with such a high bar set it’s not likely that that’ll happen anytime soon.

HuTong Dumpling Bar
14-16 Market Lane
Melbourne 3000

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