Hopetoun Tea Rooms

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Hopetoun Tea Rooms
Location: 282 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9650 2777

Situated in the idyllic Block Arcade within the heart of the Melbourne CBD, Hopetoun Tea Rooms is marked by its distinct furnishings – a rich Victorian wallpaper, white-table clothed seating arrangements and pretty lighting fixtures. It is most easily identified by the glass cabinet that houses its vibrant, intricate display of cakes, tarts and pastries at the front, which is more often than not accompanied by a large crowd of individuals oohing and ahhing in turn.

I met up with E early on a Fri morning for a quick brekkie before we headed off. Having heard rave reviews of Hopetoun, I was eager to sample something from their sweets cabinet that morning.

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Red velvet swiss roll

Hopetoun Tea Rooms is most popular for its high tea sittings, however, given that it was quite early in the morning, I decided that I’d go for something a little lighter.


Red velvet swiss roll

The red velvet swiss roll was incredibly fluffy, with a vibrant red sponge cake that was wrapped in cream. Unfortunately, despite the intensity of the red running throughout the roll, the ‘red velvet’ flavour itself was virtually non-existent, and I couldn’t taste the cocoa at all.


Snow white organic tea

My snow white tea was described as a mix of apple, raspberry, rosehip and white tea. I, however, couldn’t taste any of the fruity elements at all, and, without being able to pick them out, it tasted like sugary water.

For a place that’s so popular, I was absolutely surprised that I didn’t enjoy my time at Hopetoun Tea Rooms. For the price that we were charged, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that both the swiss roll and tea lacked depth in flavour.

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