Helados Jauja

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Helados Jauja
Location: 254 Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC 3053
Contact: 03 9041 2927

We were immediately drawn to Helados Jauja by the constant stream of lickers crowding around its quaint facade. One look at the list of intriguing flavours etched into the blackboard at the front, and we knew that we’d be in for a treat.

IMG_3900 Mixing it up a little on the mostly Italian strip on Lygon, Helados Jauja offers handmade icecreams, sorbets and chocolate bars boasting a rich Patagonian heritage from across the South Pacific Ocean.

A long line of flavours spans the menu, with tastes broken down into classic and deluxe. In all honestly, we found it incredibly difficult to choose – absolutely everything seemed to jump out at us. Think apple crumble, shiraz sorbet, virgin mojito, salted caramel and red velvet. Mmm.

IMG_3898 The prices vary depending on whether classic or deluxe flavours are selected, and can get a little pricey depending on how many scoops you order:

Classic: 1 scoop = $4.7; 2 scoops = $6.7; 3 scoops = $9.6
Deluxe: 1 scoop = $5.3; 2 scoops = $8.6; 3 scoops = $11.6
Classic + Deluxe: 2 scoops = $7.5; 3 scoops = $10.6
Premium: 1 scoop = $8.3; 2 scoops = $13.6; 3 scoops = $18.6

We choose 3 deluxe flavours in a cup, which came to $11.6 (quite expensive for ice cream!).


Yerba mate; rosewater, pistachio and raspberry; salted chocolate ($11.6 for 3 deluxe scoops)

The icecream was absolutely gorgeous – the yerba mate (Argentinian milk tea, pictured to the left) was so creamy, with a distinctly punchy flavour throughout. I found the taste quite similar to teh tarik, though slightly more bitter (but still sweet). The perfect balance.


Yerba mate; rosewater, pistachio and raspberry; salted chocolate ($11.6 for 3 deluxe scoops)

The rosewater flavour was my favourite, with the rosewater itself quite subtle, and crunchy bits of pistachio peppered throughout. Not too sweet and not overpowering at all. Think I might go back for this one.

Now I realise that I completely forgot to take a picture of the salted chocolate flavour, which was underneath the yerba mate and rosewater scoops. It was quickly devoured – it wasn’t too rich, with a slight tinge of bitterness; a delicious twist to the usual chocolate icecream. It seems that both this one and the salted caramel flavour are favourites at Helados Jauja, with a number of customers walking out with single scoops of these on waffle cones; delicious!

IMG_3899 Using honed Argentinian techniques and a delightful mix of interesting flavours, Helados Jauja was a visit that I thoroughly enjoyed.

We’ll be adding this one to our list of icecream faves, though we may have to partake in this one a little less frequently; it’s highly addcitive!

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