Hammer and Tong

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Amidst the intricate graffiti works that embellish its bright walls and surroundings, it’s a little difficult not to be automatically drawn to Hammer and Tong. From the gaping graffiti monster munching away at the window bar to the diagonally-placed tables squashed closely together, it’s a hip little café with an incredibly feisty attitude (and an even feistier menu to boot).

IMG_3013 IMG_3006 There is a formula that makes Hammer and Tong work so well. It’s fairly complex (I’m obviously a mathematical genius) and goes something along the lines of this: Soft shell crab = drool. Burger = drool. Therefore, soft shell crab + burger = swoonworthy. The logic is undeniable.


Soft shell crab burger with sriracha mayonnaise ($16)


Soft shell crab burger with sriracha mayonnaise ($16)

Don’t bother with the cutlery with this one; believe me I tried – it’s not possible. One attempt and I ended up with a coriander leaflet smothered in sriracha on my lap. But do away with the etiquette and hot damn; this is one delicious burger. One blissfully crispy, golden whole soft shell crab, wedged in between two decadently buttery brioche buns. It’s a crunchy, juicy sensation that is smoothly brought together by a handful of fresh coriander and a dollop of sriarcha mayonnaise. Yum.


Watermelon, apple and mint juice ($6)


Long black ($3.5)

The drinks here are equally satisfying – with a long candy-cane straw and a tall glass, the watermelon, apple and mint juice is a crisp hit of fresh fruit. The mint adds a tinge of coolness to it – love it, though a little exxy. The coffee is also predictably good – beautifully aromatic, with a smooth body.

IMG_3014 I really like this place. Unbelievably savvy, with attentive service that’ll keep you smiling and huge windows that bathe the space in sunlight, Hammer and Tong is a cheerful place that I absolutely adore. I would love to come back here again, though admittedly I may have difficulty parting with that burger and ordering something else.

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