Gangnam Station

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With a name like ‘Gangnam Station’, we walked into this restaurant slightly curious as to whether we’d be confronted with this: Keep-Calm-and-Gangnam-Style While we weren’t asked to break out our horse riding moves, we were greeted warmly and promptly shown to a table. Looking around, we were sure we were making a mistake in being the only table on a Saturday night; emptiness is not generally coupled with good food.

Photo 3-08-13 5 42 54 PM

Nice, clean decor, but completely empty on a Saturday night

Photo 7-06-13 10 12 01 PM

Boneless fried chicken with chilli sauce (~$30)

This was the dish of the night; tender and boneless, it was the best fried chicken I have had in a long time. The fact that it was boneless pushed it ahead of Gami’s, however the sauce which accompanied the chicken wasn’t as punchy. The chicken itself was crispy on the outside and juicy within – just the way it should be.

Photo 7-06-13 10 06 50 PM

Beef Bulgogi ($18)

While not the best bulgogi in Melbourne, it was tasty, although not necessarily worth the price.

Photo 7-06-13 10 06 53 PM Chilli chicken with cheese ($18)

The chilli chicken was lacking in the heat department, and more sauce was needed to sufficiently coat the chicken. The cheese was a special request from us and not of particularly high quality (a little plasticky). That being said it was nice of them to adapt the dish to our request.

Photo 3-08-13 5 48 54 PM

 Bonless Fried Chicken (~$30)

Photo 3-08-13 5 48 11 PM (HDR)

Barbecued beef ribs ($20)

Not very meaty but quite tasty. A good choice for those looking for a korean barbecue without having to walk out smelling like you had just slept next to a stove.

Photo 3-08-13 5 48 07 PM

Pork Hotpot ($18)

While this dish wasn’t particularly special it was perfect for the cold, rainy weather howling outside.

Op Op Gangnam Station is definitley worth a visit for all you fried chicken lovers out there, but the other dishes are a bit of a hit and miss. However, the service is outstanding, and, being quite close to where I work, I will be back.

Gangnam Station
5 Carrington Road
Box Hill VIC

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