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Consisting of a cluster of 6 separate food stalls, Food Republik is a dolled-up food court that captures the concept of the large, multi-shop eateries that adorn the giant department stores of Asia.

The separate menus are all collated into one glossy, picture-full menu book. Ordering is somewhat of a Pappa Rich affair – fill out the paper order slip at the table with the codes for each menu item, and the bandanna-wearing staff will collect it and bring the food from each eatery to you.


Pan-fried pork buns

Unfortunately the buns were oily from the inside out. The casings were incredibly thick and doughy, whilst the pork fillings were small and lost within the thickness of the dough. IMG_2882_副本

 Xiao Long Bao

We usually love the XLB here, however unfortunately this time they were served cold. Perhaps we’ll have to come back another time. IMG_2880_副本

 Bento with fried chicken drumsticks, egg, choi and rice with minced pork

The egg in the bento was quite rubbery and overcooked, however we did enjoy the fried drumsticks with sweet and sour dipping sauce – the chicken was crunchy, with a cripsy, tasty outer casing.

While some of the dishes here appear to be a hit and miss affair, we’d happily return to Food Republik for their XLBs and fried chicken – yum. Food Republik on Urbanspoon
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