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T and T seem to be undergoing a bit of a cupcake craze at the moment; a craze that they were more than happy to share with the rest of the crew. Cue one whole box full of 6 sweet, delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Central (locations in the CBD and Hawthorn). Frosting, anyone?


IMG_3179 Bubblegum marshmallow

I obviously didn’t try all of these (that’s probably a good thing), though I understand from both T and T that the bubblegum was a favourite; a dollop of pink atop a fluffy cushion of marshmallow that took them back to yesteryear.


Red velvet 

I particularly like the red velvet here – the cream cheese is dangerously addictive; smooth and decadent, atop a firey red fluffy cake base.


Raspberry white chocolate


Cookies and cream


Salted caramel


Dulce de leche

The dulce de leche is a sweet caramel base, topped with a dose of caramel cream cheese and a sprinkle of brown sugar; a sugary sensation.

Devouring so much sugar has made me want to try one of their cupcake making classes that regularly run at the Melbourne Central store. It’s the perfect spot for a hit of sweet, sugary goodness, a gift when you’re absolutely out of ideas and looking for a crowd-pleaser, or that last minute birthday treat. Love.

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