Counting House

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Counting House
Location: 787 Esplanade Mornington, VIC 3931
Contact: 03 5975 2055

Had a phenomenal time at Counting House over the weekend thanks to M & E.

The place is absolutely gorgeous; a quaint, cottage-like restaurant that is all bits rustic glamour and chic. It draws on natural elements – the lights are encased by branches, the long windows are lined with bright red flowers, and the glassware and ornaments bear the restaurant’s cute logo – a little black bird.

It’s a pretty venue, and I can easily see myself spending hours soaking up the sun on that veranda out the front.

IMG_4017 IMG_3959 IMG_3988 IMG_3962 IMG_3966 IMG_3969 The restaurant features a host of French wines, and M was quick to pick this 2011 William Fevre chablis, which managed to get better and better as the lunch progressed.

The menu is easy to navigate, with relatively few selections, but they’re guaranteed to please. Head Chef Gavin Ong has impressive credentials, having worked with Marco Pierre White, Curtis Stone and Phillip Mouchel.

IMG_3958 IMG_3967

Duck liver pate ($18)

M absolutely loved the duck liver pate – a very, very generous slice that came with crusty sliced baguette, a sweet and robust onion jam & cornichons. The pate was silky smooth; rich but not overbearing.


Duck liver pate ($18)

A few minutes later, it was all gone!


Hapuka fillet ($25)

Given the price ($25 for each of the mains is quite reasonable), I was absolutely blown away by both the presentation and taste of the food at Counting House. The Hapuka fillet was delicious; slightly springy yet soft flesh, an intense herb crust and a tomato sauce which had the faintest hint of prawn through it. Topped off with baby leek.


Hapuka fillet ($25)


Coq au vin ($25)

E’s coq au vin was insanely rich; a classic, rustic dish drunken in wine. It was served on a bed of heartyΒ parsnip puree, and topped off with button mushrooms and carrots. The plate was scraped crystal clean.


Coq au vin ($25)


Salmon fillet ($25)

M opted for the special for the day; a gorgeous salmon fillet with a dainty potato gratin and the cutest vegetables accompanying it. Another one that was quickly devoured & enjoyed to bits.


Salmon fillet ($25)


Frites ($7)

The side serve of fries was huge for $7. It was crispy and salty in all the right places.


Creme brulee ($12)


Creme brulee ($12)

Full but (always) with room for dessert, my heart skipped a beat when the creme brulees came out.Β Cracking open the crispy caramelised layer revealed a beautifully light, vanilla bean-specked custard. The biscotti was a rich chocolate flavour, with bits of pistachio dotted throughout. I was a little sceptical when M told me to eat it together with the creme brulee, but it worked; mind blown.


Creme brulee ($12)

Dayumm, that’s one sexy brulee.



And a cute mocha to end the day, which was bursting at the seams.

IMG_3999 Counting House blew me away. The service was friendly and polite; the food mesmerising and consistently good; the wine to die for. Perfect on a sunny day where you can sip away on your whites or reds and watch the kids play in the park right at the front of the restaurant. The beach is located just a minute away, so it’s the perfect segue to an afternoon stroll.

Thank you to M for introducing me to this gorgeous place!

IMG_3989 IMG_4004 We walked down the pathway and onto the pier near Counting House; a beautiful day for it. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.

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