Bowery to Willamsburg

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On a relatively quiet lane wedged in between the buzz of Russell and Exhibition lies Bowery to Williamsburg.

With clean white stone finishings, bright blue wire chairs, bright light road signs and an American canteen atmosphere, Bowery to Williamsburg captures the hustle and bustle of the transport system with good, lip-smacking food.

IMG_3293 IMG_3291 The menu is short and sweet, featuring an array of tasty sandwiches priced at $12.50 each, or $16.50 with a side (think tabouli & mac and cheese) and handful of crunchy pretzels.

The busy counter also offers a glass showcase of fresh salads and devilish sweet treats such as baked cheesecake, banoffee pies and rich chocolate brownies.

IMG_3292 IMG_3289

Hot smoked salmon sandwich ($12.50)

I go for the hot smoked salmon sandwich; a thick mix of torn smoked salmon with smooth caviar cream cheese schmear, juicy hierloom tomato, fried capers and radish. Squished in between two thick slices of sourdough, the supersize sandwich is a flavoursome bomb of tender salmon and fresh flavours.


Meatball sandwich + side of mac and cheese + pretzels ($16.50)

M loves the meatball sandwich with harissa tomoato sugo and melted mozzarella – with almonds strewn throughout the pork meatballs, it’s an interesting take on the typical sammich.

IMG_3290 Rather discreetly located down a dim cobblestone lane, Bowery to Williamsburg is a smashing below ground level brekkie and lunch spot with a simple yet absolutely delectable menu. Understated and unpretentious, it’s a cafe that manages to successfully exude a level of sophistication whilst at the same time maintaining that rather clinical subway atmosphere. Go now – we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9077 0162

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