Bottle of Milk

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Bottle of Milk
Location: 52 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne, VIC
Contact: 03 5289 2005

On our days off we love to travel to Lorne.

There’s something so beautiful about it all; the beach, the surfers eyeing the perfect wave, the kids playing in that ship of a playground. In a second it can take you blissfully away from the bustle of Melbourne, and make you feel right at ease.

When we visit here, we always drop by Bottle of Milk. It’s a small yet hip eatery located at the end of the strip of shops, and they serve up some of the best burgers that we’ve tried to date.


The B.O.M.

B never fails to order the B.O.M. – a towering burger of prime beef, tasty cheese, bacon, free range egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot, house mayo & relish. That’s a bit of a mouthful, and an even bigger mouthful to eat. But everything is cooked perfectly; that patty that drips with gooey cheese, and that creamy house mayo are just divine.



S and I shared the NYC; a tribute to the American burger. Two thick beef patties nestled in between the fluffiest yet slightly crunchy bun. And a lovely tang from those gherkins, which sat skewered on top. Adored this one; so juicy and so tender, and surprisingly not messy to eat.

IMG_4703 And rounding it all off, Bottle of Milk does their chips so well; golden and crunchy and thick cut. Just as good as our last visit.

We’ll be back again.

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