Auction Rooms

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Auction Rooms
Location: 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051
Contact: 03 9326 7749

This chic roastery and cafe is housed in an expansive, industrial warehouse on Errol Street.

Its facade is fairly innocuous, but look closer at those pale blue brick walls and you’ll find the ‘auction rooms’ sign faintly etched into it. It’s a beautiful, sun-soaked place that lures in an eclectic mix of office workers, university students and locals, who have all equally fallen in love with the quirkiness and cosiness of Auction Rooms that you could easily miss if you walked by too fast.

IMG_3834 Inside, grainy wooden tables are accompanied by simple fabric stools, whilst the back door opens up into a small courtyard. There’s an open kitchen to the right where a number of chefs whip up an array of pretty dishes, whilst the barristas are straight ahead, with the distinct aroma of delicious coffees wafting throughout the house.

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Skinny latte (3.5)

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’re guaranteed to love Auction Rooms – the cafe serves up Small Batch Speciality Coffee, with exotic options on offer. The skinny latte is so smooth and creamy; a perfect start to the morning.


Mint and green tea ($4)

I am in love with the tea at Auction Rooms; the mint and green tea is delightfully cool and refreshing. I could easily sip on this all day long.


Fruit salad ($14)

The fruit salad is beautifully presented, with a range of seasonal fruit (slices of starfruit, papaya, kiwi, mandarin and pineapple), accompanied by chia, mint, roasted sesame snaps and dollops of vanilla yoghurt. Whilst the chia does absolutely nothing for me (it bears no flavour at all), and the sourness of the vanilla yoghurt is a little too overbearing, the salad is still refreshing and light.


Fruit salad ($14)


The shady deal ($16 + $4.5 with merguez sausage)

The shady deal is what I envisage as the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day, and tastes every bit as good as it looks. It’s a soupy mix of braised spiced tomato, chewy eggplant, peppers, chickpeas and poached eggs. An extra $4.5 will bring you two grilled sausages, adding to an already heart-warming dish. All of this goodness is mopped up well by slices of grilled flatbread – yum! Definitely one of the more nourishing brekkies we’ve had to date.


The shady deal ($16 + $4.5 with merguez sausage)

 With perfect tea, coffee, and delectable food, I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day. It’s really a wonder why I don’t come here more often, though that’s something that will be quickly rectified shortly.

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