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Munich Brauhaus

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From the outset it has to be said that as a whole, Germany knows how to do things properly. Being an all or nothing kind of person, it’s always admirable the way in which any endeavour is meticulously perfected, as that’s the approach I would take myself. The evergreen Porsche 911 is a great example of german sentiment and character.Just like the 911 with a boxer flat six engine, there are things that should never change because why try and improve perfection? The rules for the making of the Nuremberg sausage which includes ingredient purity are protected by law much like Germany and Belgium’s famed Beer Purity Laws.


Product Reviews: Tyrrells and Harvest Box

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Harvest Box snackpacks and Tyrrell’s chips Websites: Havest Box; Tyrrells Chips The TFS team received a couple of fantastic little products in the mail recently to review and to be frank with you, these are definitely too good to not share! Tyrrells (aka makers of all things crispy) has a couple of new gourmet crisp flavours out – think tempting mixes like ‘Sunday Best Road Chicken’ and ‘Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar’, as well as your good ol’ sea salt done well. Our favourite? Definitely mature cheddar cheese & chives (I mean, how could you not love this, really), which provides a sharp kick that is all you need for a movie night in with friends.

International Coffee Day at Market Lane Bar, Intercontinental Melbourne

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Market Lane Bar Location: InterContinental Melbourne, The Rialto, 495 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 Contact: 03 8627 1400 We recently had the pleasure of celebrating International Coffee Day with Intercontinental Melbourne at The Rialto. The event took place at Intercontinental’s suave Market Lane Bar, with two expert mixologists providing a wonderful step-by-step demonstration of how to master the art of Stefano Manfredi’s signature coffee Espresso di Manfredi. IMG_6987 I have to say, E and I had a wonderful time at Intercontinental Melbourne. The mixologists at Market Lane Bar made the cocktail-making process incredibly simple to follow, and we were fortunate enough to learn how to make two gorgeous cocktails (one using the traditional method, and the second with the addition of Intercontinental Melbourne’s spectacular honey, which comes onsite from hives located on the top of the building!).

Rockwell & Sons

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Rockwell & Sons Location: 288 Smith St Collingwood, VIC 3066 Contact: 03 8415 0700 We’ve had our fair share of burgers, and after celebrating the taking out of Burger Adventure’s ‘best burger in Melbourne’ award earlier this year with Merrywell in Southbank (click here for coverage of that eating frenzy), we’ve been on the lookout for favourites across the ‘burbs. Rockwell & Sons is definitely a fave. Rockwell & Sons’ double patty smash burger is by far one of the best burgers we’ve had to date, and for good reason – each of these bad boys contain two juicy, tender patties wedged in between the fluffiest brioche buns. All smothered in kraft cheese and special sauce. It’s just as good as it sounds.

The Lumber Yard

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The Lumber Yard represents the culmination of the efforts of Paul and David to exhibit some southern USA style cooking they’ve perfected outside their regular efforts at major events under the guise of Iron Bark.


Nestled in a room within the Worker’s club on Brunswick street, The Lumber Yard is a quiet, comforting space lovingly adorned with articles of olde. Note as well, an early model offset smoker barbeque in the corner as well, that can be calibrated for standard and reverse flow.

Yong Green Food

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Yong Green Food Location: 421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC Contact: 03 9417 3338 Yong’s is your one stop shop for all things vegetarian: raw, vegan, gluten free – you name it, they’ve got it. The crowd rolls in and out fast, so stake your claim early or come during the quieter hours to ensure you grab a spot at one of the tables before things get a little too hectic.

IMG_6967 Thai green curry ($18)

Thai green curry ($18)
The Thai green curry was quite enjoyable – my organic tempeh came immersed in a light, not too creamy house-made Thai green curry paste characterised by quite an amped up level of spiciness. I must admit that I am not one to usually order tempeh (it is one of those tastes that takes a little getting used to), but I quite liked the pairing. All of this married well with a bowl of biodynamic brown rice with just enough outer crunchiness to add some texture.

Hellyers Road Distillery Tasmania – 12 Year Old Single Mat Whisky

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Australia makes world class whisky. Hellyers Road Distillery’s rather exquisite twelve year old whisky is evidence of that. Most 12 y.o.’s display a punchy vibrance, but somehow taste like an 18 y.o. that isn’t quite ready to drink yet. Not so here.

With tropical fruits, pineapple and passionfruit at the tip of the tongue, it reveals a nice straw body, with a nutty honey finish. Despite it’s almost unbelievable maturity in taste it still has a lovely fizz on the tongue, like Diemen pepper berries. How appropriate.

Hellyer’s 12 y.o. gives you the best of both worlds here, 12 y.o. vibrance, without the sharp edges, with an 18 y.o. body and complexity. Well worth trying and most definitely world class.

The Food Society were invited to sample Hellyers Road Distillery’s latest offering.


Shortstop x Jimmy Grants

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Shortstop Donuts Location: 12 Sutherland St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Jimmy Grants Location: 113 St David St Fitzroy VIC 3065 Two things these places share in common: they’re fast, convenient, and bang-on delicious. Shortstop’s crullers are simply to die for (though expect the honey x sea salt variety to be quite, well, salty; it’s not for everyone). And though the cinnamon donut looks much less jam-packed than some of the other varieties, it’s a must!

Providence Launch Party

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Providence Location: 497 Rathdowne St, Carlton, VIC 3053 Contact: 03 9240 7055 A few weeks ago we attended the launch of a rather endearing cafe in Carlton called Providence, which involved an intimate sit-down breakfast with Head Chef Cate Hardman. Cate and the team behind Providence cafe show a deep passion for featuring seasonal ingredients and celebrating produce from Victoria’s farmers markets, with ingredients sourced locally from Carlton’s Farmers’ Markets just around the corner. IMG_7003 Throughout the entire event we had the pleasure of hearing from producers from Gamze Bacon and Smallgoods, Gundowring Ice-cream and Cocktaoo Grove Olive Oil – producers whose products make a prominent feature on the Providence menu. It was inspiring to hear about each producers’ craft and why they love what they do.

This week: Green Park Dining, Fukuryu Ramen

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Green Park Dining Location: 815 Nicholson St, Carlton North, VIC 3054 Contact: 03 9380 5499 The former premises of St Ali North, which closed its doors last September, is now occupied by the newly opened Green Park Dining; a mammoth operation that serves up the goods (bar included) from dawn ’til dusk. The space is absolutely huge – expect to be greeted by colourful bunting on the lawn out front & various cosy seating options within. Then there’s that cabinet to the front showcasing numerous sweets from Park Street Pastries (not joking when I say that I had a hard time not trading these in for brekkie).

La Condesa Launch Party

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La Condesa Taqueria Location: 234 Johnston Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Contact: 03 9419 5675 La Condesa pays homage to the buzzing bohemian quarter and vibrant nightlife of Condesa in Mexico City, where the latest in food, art and culture is showcased and young artists and entrepreneurs – known as condechis, come out to play. This modern Mexican Cantina boasts traditional flavours with a Fitzroy twist. We recently visited La Condesa to celebrate the launch of their latest venture, the Taqueria, which sits on 234 Johnston Street.
Malbec - close up

La La Land Wines Release

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La La Land Wines Website: http://www.lalalandwines.com.au/ From the wine group that brought us the iconic Katnook Estate wines of Coonawarra comes their new range of “drink now” wines. La La Land Wines will launch mid-August with two single-varietal wines, the Tempranillo and the Malbec, from the outstanding 2013 vintage. While these grapes are relatively new and unknown in Australia, being the flagship red varietals of Spain and Argentina respectively, we know they can be made into some absolutely beautiful wine. Packaged with stylistically unique labelling, they’re hard to miss; priced at $16 a bottle, these wines are also gentle on the hip-pocket. The question is, are they worth it?

Easy Tiger

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Easy Tiger Location: 96 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066 Contact: 03 9417 2373 Dinner at Easy Tiger was an absolute delight; in general, flavours were well balanced with a good mix of sweet and sour, spicy and that wonderful fragrant hit that comes with Thai food. The betel leaf and son in law eggs were predictably delicious (though expect that sticky, sweet sauce from the betel to trickle down your hand), as was the ‘street food’ soft shell crab, which came nestled on a bed of lightly spicy sriracha. As for the mains, the soy roasted duck salad was to die for, with the sweetness of the watermelon slices cutting through the richness of the duck. The only low point was the tom yum style fish curry, with the base far too watered down and lacking in depth and heat. IMAG0018
Betel leaf, tea smoked scallop, fresh coconut, peanuts & fried shallots ($6 ea)

Hammer and Tong

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Hammer and Tong Location: Enter from Westgarth St, Rear 412 Brunswick St Contact: 03 9041 6033 In light of how lovely (and well-celebrated) Hammer and Tong’s brunch menu is, it’s a real shame that their dinner offering goes largely unnoticed. Plates are all meant for sharing, with a few highlights from the brekkie list featuring at night time (which means that you can still try out their soft shell crab burger while indulging in the other dishes).

Tivoli Road Bakery

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Tivoli Road Bakery Location: 3 Tivoli Rd, South Yarra, VIC 3141 Contact: 03 9041 4345 In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen our Instagram feed virtually consumed by photos of donuts (not that we’re complaining), so it seemed only fitting to add Tivoli ones to the mix. And if the word ‘donut’ isn’t enough to convince you how good these actually are, then these photos probably speak for themselves. We’ve only tried the lemon curd so far (pictured) but we’re keen to make a trip over to South Yarra for the salted caramel and roche varieties, as well as their pastries, which look spectacular.

Boatbuilders Yard

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Boatbuilders Yard Location: 23 South Wharf Promenade South Wharf, VIC Contact: 03 9686 5088 A few weeks ago we accepted an invitation to try out the new breakfast menu at Boatbuilders Yard, a bustling cafe and bar located on South Wharf Promenade on the banks of the Yarra River. Housed in a minimalist modern shed, Boatbuilders Yard boasts stunning views, round the clock drinks and huge spaces both indoor and outdoor. IMG_6975 IMG_6973
Ricotta and goji buckwheat hotcakes ($16.5)

Pantry Brighton

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Pantry Brighton Location: 1 Church Street, Brighton Contact: 03 9591 0393 Adjacent to one of the original and most iconic brunch joints in Melbourne, The Pantry Delicatessen has undergone a revamp with a classy new fit out and a stunning range of take-home food. Exploring new territory with a plethora of seasonal take-away deli nibbles, meals and treats, ingredients are sourced from local producers, and ready-to-go meals are prepared by restaurant-trained chefs. The options are gobsmacking; from gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free in preparation, to the myriad of cheeses, fresh salads, hearty meals, breads and of course, tantalising cakes and sweets. There is something for everyone, for every occasion, whether it be a simple take-away lunch or a take-home meal for a lazy Sunday afternoon gathering with family and friends. DSC_0190 DSC_0191 Quality is king at The Pantry Deli; this is evident before you even enter the store. Setup in the window display are some delicious looking cuts of dry aged meat, including dry aged rib eye beef and a slow roasted half side of lamb – ready to be cooked by The Pantry chefs for collection the next day. Moving on in, you feel like you’ve entered a modern restaurant complete with soft down-lighting and timber frames, until you notice the rows of display cabinets and quirky art installation behind the counter. This is fun and friendliness meets serious cooking and produce.

Southgate Moveable Feasts: Artusi, Amarok and Bluetrain

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Southgate Moveable Feasts Location: Southgate Melbourne Contact: See website here This Winter, Southgate Melbourne has been host to a series of ‘Moveable Feasts’ where Melburnians and Melbourne-lovers alike can savour three tailored courses at three separate venues (with matching wines). That means that you begin your feast at one restaurant and then, when it’s time to change over, your host will ring a little bell and guide you to your next eating destination. A rather innovative concept, and one that’s a warm welcome to those looking for a comprehensive introduction to three new eateries without the need for excessive waits between lines. The whole experience sounded too good for us to pass up, and we were delighted to accept an invitation a couple of weeks ago for a Sunday session with Artusi, Amarok and Bluetrain Restaurant. The full list of participating restaurants contains some old and new scenes, from the recently opened Hophaus Bar to Pure South Dining. We began our entrees with a sit down at Artusi, a modern Italian wine bar and dining establishment facing the waterfront. Brand spanking new, the Artusi dining area is clean and crisp, with the restaurant focussing on producing artisan handmade pastas, whole roasted duck, suckling pig and fish created in their new wood fired oven.
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